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Children's Dentistry

Establishing good oral hygiene early in life aids in a lifetime of healthy teeth. Your dentist at WND will help in making the pearly whites of your children stay shining and cavity free. It’s a common myth that baby teeth don’t need as much care as permanent teeth, when in reality cavities in baby teeth affect not only the alignment of permanent teeth but can also cause discoloration. Pediatric dentistry covers dental services from routine cleanings to cavities and everything in between.

Ortho Screening

An orthodontic screening is a visual inspection of the mouth with the aim of diagnosing biting abnormalities in children and adults. It is suggested that children have an orthodontic screening conducted by the age of seven. Early detection and treatment of orthodontic issues can help prevent serious problems.

Symptoms that a referral to an orthodontist will be required include:

1. Early or late loss of baby teeth

2. Finger/thumb sucking

3. Mouth breathing

4. Difficulty in chewing or biting food

5. Crowded, misplaced, or missing adult teeth