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Root Canal

A root canal is recommended when the nerve inside your tooth called the pulp is infected or has become exposed due to deep tooth decay or injury. When the nerve inside the tooth becomes exposed or infected, an infection called an abscess can occur at the tip of the root. This abscess will destroy the bone surrounding the tooth and can cause severe pain, discomfort and swelling. Some other signs and symptoms that your tooth may need a root canal are - sensitivity to hot and cold, severe toothache, swelling and/or tenderness, and darkening of a tooth. Our aim is to help you make the most informed decision regarding your oral health. The most common myth associated with root canal therapy is that it is very painful, but in reality, there should be virtually no pain as patient is properly numbed (anaesthetized) before the procedure. The Winnipeg North Dental team pays very close attention to your comfort level during and after your root canal.